Email Listservs

For the time-being, APA-Wisconsin members will receive communication from the Chapter about elections, events, and chapter news via a listserv addressed to  This is a moderated listserv.  Only designated moderators can release messages to the list.  Email addresses are obtained from your membership information and updated monthly by APA for all national APA members.  Chapter-only memberships are updated annually.

Posting messages to “”

In general, if you wish to post information to the entire APA – WI membership, you need to obtain prior authorization from the APA – Wisconsin President, at

Not receiving messages from APA-Wisconsin?

If you are not receiving emails from this list, please do the following before contacting the webmaster.

  1. Go to the APA website to check that your current email address is correct in the APA database.  If you find that it is in error, correct it on the APA website and then email APA-WI at to request that your email address be updated immediately.
  2. Check with your IT department (even if that is yourself) to make sure that your internet security software is not blocking emails from nor from the domain (since many of the emails will originate from Nancy Frank at UWM,
  3. If you are not a member of APA, you can explore your membership options here.

Optional “wapamembers” list

APA – Wisconsin also administers a non-official list aimed at allowing planners in Wisconsin to communicate by email.  The “wapamembers” list is open to both APA – WI members, other planners and professionals in related disciplines, and others interested in planning issues in Wisconsin.  It is moderated, but very lightly–just to prevent SPAM from getting through.  You receive announcements about planning speakers and training events that members post to the list.  Planners post questions seeking advice or models for how other communities are handling current issues.

Subscribing to

Go to, where you will be able to subscribe and learn about tools to manage your membership.

The website for APA members in Wisconsin.