Student Membership: Free!

Why Students should join APA/APA-WI? 

Membership is FREE!  And it is available to any full or part time degree seeking student enrolled in any college or university program. 

Click here to learn more about what services are included with an APA/APA WI membership.

BENEFITS:  If you join APA it includes your APA Membership and your APA Chapter Membership, AICP membership dues, as well as membership in up to five APA Divisions.  ALL FREE!  But wait!  There is even more value to your membership.  Read on. 

APA DIVISIONS:  Join others who share your specific planning passions by joining up to five APA Divisions.  Learn more at: 


Student Awards, Scholarships & Fellowships 

Find out eligibility and criteria, and the nomination and submission process for prestigious planning student awards, scholarships, and fellowships such as: 

CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  APA has a brand new program to achieve AICP certification for students.  Learn more at:  You can seek out jobs and job tips at the APA Career Center.  Learn more at: 

LEADERSHIP:  You can become a volunteer leader by being elected to the Student Representatives Council.  Learn more at: 

APA partners with many university programs to bring APA membership and its benefits to their students.  Learn more at: 

You can become an effective advocate ( for good planning and be able to craft and deliver positive messages about planning issues to key audiences. 

NETWORKING/MENTORING You get to connect with fellow students, practicing planners, and professionals in related fields who are doing awesome things in the field of planning around the state; you can find a mentor; or attend the National Conference ( 

You can attend “planner nights out” organized by your Chapter that are fun and informational! 

You can join your local fellow District planners for occasional outings of fun, networking, and learning! 

CONFERNECES/TRAINING:  You receive discounts on conferences (including the APA-WI State Planning Conference), and other free in-person and online training events, lectures, workshops, and other continuing education opportunities: Go to for more information. 

You can connect with local planners in your Chapter ( and join fellow members at training sessions and the APA-WI State Planning Conference. 

RESOURCES:  You get free online access to APA subscriptions (such as Planning Magazine) and other online resources. 

Did we mention it is FREE?  Join TODAY! 

Not a student? 

Members are our most valuable asset.  APA/APA-WI has many membership options for those wanting to further their planning career, develop professionally, and who are committed to applying the benefits of planning to create communities of lasting value. 

  • Learn more if you’re a planning or zoning board member or commissioner or an elected or appointed official 
  • Learn more if you’re a practicing planner 
  • Learn more if you live outside the United States 
  • Learn more if you’re an educator 
  • Learn more if you work in an affiliated profession or you are an interested non-planner 

 As an APA member, you also receive value through your APA membership.  You can also become a “Chapter only” member and pay only the Chapter dues, but then you do not receive the full value of the benefits offered through a full APA membership. 

Becoming AICP certified can add a seal of approval to your planner qualifications.  Learn more at: 

New/Introductory Membership 

Once you are no longer a Student Member, you can join APA/APA-WI as a New/Introductory Member.  APA offers a reduced two-year introductory rate of dues for first-time members and students who have completed their studies within the past year. 

Contact APA to learn more at: 

The website for APA members in Wisconsin.